30. RISING REALM RECORDS (finland) 040212

.Hi Carmine ! How are you ? You recently signed to our label and we´d like to introduce you guys to our readers, so a proper band introduction would be in order...
- Oh! good, thanks! we now have a new deal and we are happy to this, the band it is under good conditions and sincerely we are in great wait to enter in studio for the new album. This year has begun as well, we have a new member inside the band, Nicola (bassplayer) it has been also a dear friend of ours for a long time. RM thin to today has always been a two-piece represented by me and Angelo, we have composed and recorded the whole music, until from the year 1997, from when we have engraved ours first demo-tape, therefore now, after around six years, we are a band of three elements and this is really important for us. During these years, many guys have tried to play with us, but we didn't feel them seriously motivated, well, we have preferred us to be alone we have waited and Nicola has arrived. We have engraved 3 full-albums, 1 MCD, well 4 demos/promos and participated in varied compilations, how you can see, we don't know to stop us . -) During the course of these years we have played few concerts, some dates have been cancelled because of our problems of line-up but the situation and very improved, we have played with big bands of our country and this, for the moment it satisfies there a lot. Our music has influenced undoubtedly from the swedish sound, we have grown with it and since ours first releases you can feel it. Nevertheless, we also love other kinds and we like the music in general, our songs have different facets, I think that it contains a lot of influences that are not limited to the movement only swedish, the music it doesn't have confinements, is necessary to discover it day for day and for me is surely source of life.

You´re currently preparing already for your fourth album !!! We´d like to know more about your first 3 albums...
-Yeah! In these times we are in full activity for the jobs on the new album, we are very excited for ours new release, and we have the correct position to do well. Around the preceding releases, I can say a lot, I think that as in the majority of the bands in circulation, you can see the improvement of release in release. We have departed with 'Hate From Haven' in the year 1998, it has some sonorities black/dark metal and a recording really underground. In that times we also used some keyboards and the result it was better, HFH has been sold-out for a long time, but I read on internet that some big houses distributions they release the last copies as ' cult album for collezionist', well, is this for us motivate of great pride, in fact we have intention (when this will be possible) to record the whole album again, with a good person recording and with the abilities that we have now. We published the second album 'Area 51' always under the same label (Elegy Rec.) in the year 2000. 'Area 51' is perhaps the fastest and raw album that we have produced, it is very referable to the pure swedish sound, (like At The Gates, ' Slaughter Of The Soul' era!!!) when we engraved this album were very angry with the world, it has gone out as killer album! We improved as musicians, the recording was very good in comparison to the past, it had really little promotion. Between the exit of an album and the other, besides some small shed concerts for Italy, we have never stopped composing music, so in the year 2001 were still in footstep with a MCD of five songs, ' European Aliens'. The MCD plays very fast and brutal, but at the same time we started to discover the taste for the melodies, to slow down the parts of drums and to try some solution with the voice. The third album '... For The Remained Time' is the exact continuous of the MCD, we strengthened very more the melodic scores and we experimented a lot with the clean vocals. Angelo and me sang some parts together, and as well went out out.

RISING MOON can be decribed as an modern Death metal band. What are the main points that will differ RISING MOON from the other Death metal acts and from the masses?
-We don't have the pretension to be an original band, we play death metal, we try of to play it with the heart, everything what goes out it is good for us.
I am a lot for the evolutions, it is important for the growth of a band, I think that is not necessary to fossilize on been resolved schemes. Contrarily, I hate the stylistic revolutions that a lot of bands have, a lot of of they repute them to them necessary evolutions, but I don't think so.
Therefore, at least me, I hope that that the persons can understand our naturalness, in the to compose murderous music, then also our taste for the united melodies to granite parts wild, these are the ingredients of our sound, pure passion. After all, every band tries of to give the best, we are really many of it and not all they have fortune to engrave disks and go to tours, we feel so much sincerely already, fortunate.

What bands has influenced RISING MOON music and why?
-Surely the At The Gates have a place in relief in our listening, they have meant a lot for us, together with the whole movement swedish metal generally. Could, I quote you, band like Hypocrisy , Defleshed, In Flames and so away... why? Because, has succeeded to balancing the correct doses of melody and brutality, they are unique in their kind and they have influenced a lot of bands in circulation. Essentially, we have all the same musical tastes, but I could say to you that Angelo is a big fan of the Iron Maiden, Nicola follows the brutal/grind like Mortician, Nasum, Nile etc.. and I am a big fans of the Hypocrisy!

What's the story behing your name RISING MOON ?
-Anybody, you believe me! We chose this moniker for our debut album. To the beginnings of our history, the name of the band was ' BODY GRINDER', we with it engraved the first demo-tape, subsequently we decided to change it in RM, in way that it mirrored better the music from us played.

Let´s have a little chat about your upcoming fourth album. What RISING MOON fans can except from it? Is the title already decided ? Can you reveal some song titles for us? Also feel free to tell us more about the songs individually as well...
-It will be essentially an album slow/lilt and melodic, in this moment we feel so, won't miss any flash songs, seasoned of merciless melody and decelerations doom, we will engrave our state of mind. We have ready 4/5 new songs practically, almost all to the state embryonic, but they already play good. We have intention to find again well five songs of the old demos 2002/2003, they are: ' Contact' ' Swedish Metal' ' Death's Color' ' They Are As Us' and ' Almost Insignificant', will be pleasant to record anchors them, they are very fresh songs. Sincerely the new deal has surprised us all, therefore indeed we have a lot of ideas, but not yet a title for the new album, but I think that it will go out very soon. I am working on some new lyrics and I can anticipate some songs to you titles, therefore, 'Cyborg Insane' will be a predominantly fast song, with a lot of melodic parts, groove intense and varied scores folk, 'Digression' slow, but at the same time being involved and dragging, with shut riffs, from to jump to the concerts, 'Irrevelant Senses' lilt song like ' Death's Color' with a lot of alien melodies, ' Escape & Operate' speed and passion...

Are lyrical contents important to RISING MOON, if yes/no, why?
-I write the lyrics almost all for the band, I write of my passion, that for the unknown one, of the life of the other beings. Also Angelo is an impassioned of alien, and together we share it, also in the band. yes, they are important, they belong to the music, but surely we prefer to assemble us very more on the contents of the music, that of the lyrics.

Ten fave records at the moment?
Amorphis - Far From The Sun
Entombed - Inferno
Hatesphere - Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed and Something Black
The Legion - Unseen To Creation
Defleshed - Royal Straight Flesh
Children Of Bodom - Hate Crew Deathroll
The Kovenant - S.E.T.I.
Depeche Mode - The Singles 86-98
Hatebreed - The Rise Of Brutality
Raunchy - Confusion Bay

Future plans?
-Therefore, to do more concerts and possible interviews for the promotion of the new album. We are thinking about the possible realization of a video, turned by us, no I know... if everything will go as good....