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Hi ! Rising Moon may not be the band everybody know about.. So I prefer to do this the standard way; tell the readers about who you are, your role in the band, and what kind of music you play.

Well, you are right we are really little known, even if we have behind our shoulders three full albums a mcd and varied demos. The band is born for my wish and of Angelo, in end year 1996, we have estranged there from a band in which we played together and where we had secondary roles in comparison to the other boys, we wanted to create something of ours, and I think that we have succeeded in this. Our music is referable to the swedish sound, us all we don't have any doubt around it, it is our more great passion, someone also appreciates what we do and we are happy with everything this. I play the drums, backing vocals, samples and I write the lyrics almost all, Angelo plays the guitars and is also singer, Nicola (from a little entered in the band) he is bassplayer. We are indeed in two to compose and to arrange the songs, but I think that soon Nicola will be also able to give his contribution to the band. Out of the music are normal persons, Nicola and me work, while Angelo and almost graduate in Piscologia, and I think that we will be surely the first customers of his will decay!!!!! : -)

Rising Moon goes all the way back to 1996, but back then you called yourselves Body Grinder, you soon changed you're name though, to Rising Moon, and along with this you made a change in your sound. Please tell me why you prefer to play melodic death instead of brutal old school death; and whats up with the name Rising Moon ?

Oh! yes, to the beginnings our moniker was ' Body Grinder' and even if it played as band devoted brutal death metal, in effects, we didn't play it. Ours first demo has some very near sounds to the death black metal, with also of the long incisions of keyboard, to lines almost gothic metal. This has drawn a lot of persons in deception, all they had surprised in the to find that we didn't play brutal death, and we changed the proper moniker for this motive. Then, from when we have formed the RM's, we have never played brutal death.

What's up with the alien-theme thing anyway ?

It is a passion that we bring before together from a lot of time, we have interested in these thematic and naturally we combine them to the other big passion, that for the music.

You've released three full-length albums before, or am I mistaking ? Whats you're favorite among these, and why ?

Well, mine preferred is without every doubt the debut album ' Hate From Heaven'. I like it because it has some sonorities a lot of black/melodic, I feel very tied up to that album it has a dark feeling that I don't know how to explain, perhaps this drift also from a very raw production. Sincerely we have intention to still record HRFH, with a suitable production, to let all the particular that cannot be listened in the original recording jump. Even in a next future we could do this!

You're currently working on a new album, what can we expect on this one ? Any tracks ready and stuff ?

Currently we consist of workmanship for the composition of the new album, I have to say to you that everything proceeding as good. The new songs were born very spontaneously, they are enough different between them, some they have structure slow others it are identifiable as big parts mid-tempo and others are of the absolute killers massacre songs. The melodic component is always present in our songs and buttocks in this album we will do better than ours try of to underline this. The title still owes to have revealed, but we are near to announce it, we are taking there only of the time to do this. We will also propose some songs of the demo 2003/2002, they are in our heart and therefore has seemed there correct to record anchors them. From demo 2002 will be present ' Contact' and ' Swedish Metal', from demo 2003 ' Death's Color', ' They Are As Us' and ' Almost Insignifcant'. The new songses are four and the titles are: ' Digression' mid-tempo song with a big alien feeling and a big refrain, I think that it can be considered as the single from the album, ' Irrevelant Senses' other mid-tempo song from the very brief duration and with a lot of melodic woodpeckers on the wake of band like Katatonia, ' Cybor Insane' very fast song and of impact, with some parts of folk music and ' Escape & Operate' very trash orient song with melodies and shed harmonizations in the whole song. We wait for there beautiful things from this album, it is the fourth of ours it will decay, we hope in a good person promotion from the new label.

Any liveshows booked ?

Nothing, to the moment we are assembling there only for the realization of the new album, I think that we can return on-stage toward the summer, after we have recorded the new album.

What's you're main influence ?

The whole movement death Swedish metal is for us inspiration, we adore band like At The Gates, In Flames, Dissection, Hypocrisy, Defleshed etc. we have grown listening to these bands, so it is surely a consequence to play certain types of sonority. Inside the band, even if we listen mainly to the same music, every element to of the particular preferences of kind, Angelo besides the death metal prefers to also listen to heavy and hard rock, band like Iron Maiden and AC/DC, Nicola is more directed on music brutal/core and me on the death/black music.

And while we're on it, tell me - what's you're all-time favourite albums ?

Therefore, my choice is not able that to be ' Slaughter Of The Soul' from the unforgettable At The Gates, but I am not able not to also mention you ' Storm The Ligth's Bane's from Dissection, are two bands that they don't exist anymore currently, but that the future will be able you also bring still to us

And what's currently in you're cd-player ?

Sure, Entombed w/Inferno and Decapitated w/The Negation

Thanks for the interview !

Thanks to you for the beautiful interview that your staf and you you have granted us, we hope for to hear again us to the exit of the new album! /m\