26. DANZA MACABRA (portugal) 010901

1 - Tell us, briefly, the story of Rising Moon.

Well... the band is born in the year ' 97 with the moniker of BODY GRINDER, practically the line-up has remained always unchanged, or rather me (drums, backing clean vocals and sample) and Angel (guitars, bass and vocals). In the same year we engraved a demo-tape ' Morituro' that had a lot of success in Italy and in some countries of east Europe, two months later we signed for a small label Italy, the Elegy rec. with which recorded two disks ' Hate From Heaven' in the ' 98 and ' Area 51 ' in the ' 00. currently we have married off near the Swede Metal Fortress Ent. whose has given the light to ours first Mcd ' European Aliens' and it will publish toward the first months of 2002 ours third albums in study.

2 - You seem to follow a certain "alien" path... any comment?

I are attracted literally by anything you create mystery and inexplicable to the human eyes... I succeed to expressing better my emotions through these thematic, I write all the texts of my band, but I don't speak exclusively of alien and abductions... often understands that I write some things that I don't even succeed to understand its sense, I leave me to transport from my imagination and from my experiences that we are them ugly, beautiful or strange; after all it is a passion that I share at 100% with Angelo.

3 - What do you think about: aliens and Tv series; Mayan cultures and the possibility of a pact of friendship with humans; Roswell and the denial of an alien crash??

Think that many exaggerates describing the alien race, there is who sees them how of the monsters with the only objective to destroy the human race, whoever thinks that are of the benevolent creatures that will help there to find again the correct equilibrium, who doesn't believe at all to their existence and in effects whom can tell it be! would like so much to know it! Do I think that if the human race exists in the universe, and every star is a solar system why they would not have to exist other forms of life?, surely different from us in everything, but also always forms of life...
The Tv and the media have accustomed there to different solutions, is to us to decide what to choose... so much truth will always stay an alone!

4 - You are about to start recording (or have already started) a third album. Are you going to continue the same concept?

Oh certainly! it comes me natural to speak of certain matters as after all to play my music; the recordings of the album have already started and really in this week we have the final mix. The album has come on splendidly we are very satisfied and happy to be able to record album for the people that follows and it appreciates the hevy metal in all his forms, it is a stimulus that it helps there to always go before and to don't fossilize us; this time have experimented very more that in past, is surely a natural evolution that will mark our style in the next future, believe in what a lot do, is our music!

5 - Hypocrisy also plays/played this type of metal and used a similar concept... sometimes your music reminds me of them in albuns like "Abducted"... So... what are your favourite bands/musicians?

Yes, the thematic is almost the same and I loves from to go crazy their music, he will also be tied to the fact what they also treat of alien and similar stuffs, but really I think that Peter is really an alien!!!!!!! he succeeds in creating some situations of mystery and dismay in his songs, really notable. My preferred bands are practically all Swedish ones, I love the whole movement in general death Swedish and world metal, in every way my usual preferred bands are the At The Gates and cry today still their split, Dissection, Hypocrisy and Suffocation follow.

6 - What are your sources of inspiration? Any movies? What's your favourite movie?

Anything can inspire me, I have to wait for the moment only, everything natural and spontaneous comes. I often write and I compose riffs of guitar after the vision of beautiful film, lately is remained impressed from ' Blair Witch' (first and second). however my preferred films remain ' Fire In The Sky', ' Nosferatu' and ' Alien' (the whole series... of couse!)

7 - How do you think the world will end?

When the At The Gates will be reformed and we will make a mega tour together!!!! ah ah ah!, would be really the end of the world, for me....

8 - final words...
Thank you so many for the interview hope for one day will be enough known to be able to come to play from your zones, give a listened to our MCD ' European Aliens' is really great! and come to find on our web-site risingmoon.it there, thanks to everybody, alien regards!